Each year, the Recreation & Community Services Department organizes and coordinates many special events for residents and visitors alike. Information about municipally-run events and links to annual independent events are available on this website.

If you're organizing a community event, please submit your event to the Towns community events calendar for promotion.

All public events held on municipal property are required to have a Special Event Permit and meet the Towns requirements to ensure a safe and successful event for all involved. Organizers who would like to plan a public event must first complete a Third Party Special Event Application.  Staff are happy to provide information about the permit process and what may be required to host an event on municipal property.

Due to the complex nature of Special Events and Festivals, Special Event Permits require a minimum of three (3) months to process. New events must submit a detailed proposal to the Recreation and Events Coordinator a minimum of seven (7) months in advance of the event date. Major events that anticipate large crowds, road or parking lot closures, licensed areas, and/or take place over multiple days may take longer to review, approve, and process and could require approval from the Town's Senior Management Team or Council. Organizers are asked to factor this into their timelines in order to plan a safe and successful event and have enough time to meet all permit requirements.

Town of Penetanguishene Events

Family Day Weekend
Weekend full of fun indoor/outdoor activities to celebrate Winter in Penetanguishene!

Every Friday night at the Amphitheatre from June to August
Parc Rotary Champlain Wendat Park (8 Owen Street)

First Friday in December 
Town Dock & Penetanguishene Centennial Museum (13 Burke Street)

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