Community-Based Strategic Plan

This strategic plan was truly community-led, and the result is a comprehensive and collaborative roadmap for Penetanguishene. Our council is committed to implementing the recommendations in the plan, and we are eager to work with our community partners to ensure its success, says Mayor Doug Rawson.

20 Year Community-Based Strategic Plan

A 20-Year Community-Based Strategic Plan has been developed by the Town which is intended to help drive community success, growth, and investment. The purpose of this Community-Based Strategic Plan is to guide decision-making and community engagement and encourage sustainable growth.

This plan is designed to be in effect for 20 years and to provide accountability and transparency to the Town’s residents. The Strategic Planning process began with a quantitative analysis through a document review and data assessment of Penetanguishene, presenting a thorough introductory understanding of the economic and social situation. Following this introductory assessment, additional qualitative context was gathered through community consultations, which provided valuable local insight into the strengths, challenges, opportunities and aspirations that residents and stakeholders in Penetanguishene see and feel exist within their community.

Following this consultation and discovery process, building the plan commenced through the establishing of key themes that emerged from this initial work. Once those themes were identified, stakeholders were again consulted to develop actions related to those themes that were realistic, doable, and supported by the community. 

Significant Themes

The Community-Based Strategic Plan focuses on six significant areas of importance, outlined as themes:

  1. Penetanguishene: A Vibrant Community with A Small-Town Feel
  2. Stronger Together: Think Regionally to Increase Efficiencies
  3. An Inclusive Penetanguishene: Community Celebrations and Volunteerism
  4. Healthy Community: Promote Healthy Living, Well-Being and An Active Lifestyle for All Ages
  5. Celebrate Penetanguishene: Highlight Its Unique Heritage and Culture
  6. Corporate Initiatives

Each theme area has a set of strategic objectives, actions, and performance indicators to measure progress and success.

Community Analysis

The Community Analysis is a statistical representation of the current economic and demographic trends present in the Town of Penetanguishene. The information presented in this report assisted in setting the stage for the development of the Community Based Strategic Plan’s themes and goals.

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