Museum & Heritage Committee

Museum & Heritage Committee

The Heritage Penetanguishene Committee represents the various heritage interests in our community in the preservation, presentation and promotion of local heritage.



Museum & Heritage Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Membership

Eight (8) members of the public (designated by the Mayor and ratified by Council)

One (1) Council representative (designated by the Mayor and ratified by Council).

Staff Resource – Museum Curator or designate as required.

Committee Mandate
The Committee shall oversee the following functions, determine action in accordance with delegated authority, make recommendations to Recreation & Community Services Section, or receive for information:

  • To collect, maintain and provide of resources for archival, historical and genealogical research
  • To collect, conserve, preserve and exhibit artifacts and historical materials that pertain to the history of Penetanguishene and surrounding communities.
  • To serve as a focal point for community participation and engagement through the hosting of events and activities.
  • Expand awareness and appreciation of heritage and history through education, interpretation and accessible programming for all age groups.
  • Expand and develop collaborative relationships with stakeholders and individuals to serve the needs of the community and the museum.
  • Promote and market the museum and the Town of Penetanguishene as an attractive destination for local visitors and tourists.
  • Evaluate properties of architectural and historical significance within the Town of Penetanguishene and recommend formal designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Review and approve modifications to structures and Heritage Tax Rebates designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Receipt and approval of road names.
  • Host annual events, seminars or workshops related to heritage preservation and promotion to the extent provided for in the annual budget.

Town of Penetanguishene staff and volunteers are committed to ethical behaviour and accept the Canadian Museums Association Ethical Guidelines (1999) as guiding principles.

Chair and Vice Chair

The Chair and the Vice Chair shall be elected from the members on the Committee.  The Vice Chair serves as Chair at the meetings in the absence of the Chair.    The Chair acts as the Presiding Officer at the meetings. 

Delegated Authority

The Museum & Heritage Committee is an advisory body only.

The Museum & Heritage Committee may incur expenditures to the extent provided in the annual approved budget.  All purchases shall be preauthorized by the Curator and approved in accordance with the Town’s Procurement By-law.

The Committee shall receive items for information, discuss museum and heritage related matters or make recommendations to Council via the Curator.

In the absence of the Curator at the Committee of the Whole meetings, the Director of Recreation and Community Services or the Council Chair presents and speaks to the matters.


The frequency of the meetings shall be quarterly with additional meeting held at the call of the Curator or Chair. 

The Curator may revise the regular meeting schedule in consultation with the Chair of Museum & Heritage Advisory Committee.


Agendas shall be made available a minimum of twenty-four hours in advance of the meeting to the Members and on the Town Website.  The Curator and Chair shall determine the content of the agendas.


Quorum shall consist of five (5) members of the Committee.

Work Plan

The Museum & Heritage Advisory Committee operations and activities are directed by the Museum’s strategic plan and the Advisory Committee’s annual work plan, both approved by Council.

Agent of the Municipality

In carrying out its Mandate, the Museum & Heritage Advisory Committee may act as an agent of the Town of Penetanguishene while acting bona fide within the limits of the authority of the Town.  No member shall incur any personal liability by reason of their participation on the Museum & Heritage Advisory Committee acting within the scope of its mandate.  Nothing in the Mandate of the Museum & Heritage Advisory Committee authorizes or empowers the Committee to incur any debt, liability, or obligation for which the Town may become liable without having previously obtained the consent of Council.

The Museum & Heritage Advisory Committee operations shall meet municipal, provincial, and federal legislative requirements that have a bearing on their operation and activities.

Policy Review

The museum will have policies covering a range of areas. The policies govern the institution’s operations, and they clarify expectations and staff authority and responsibilities. The Advisory Committee regularly reviews the policies to ensure they provide the needed direction in areas critical to the delivery of the museum’s mandate and to the sound management of its human and financial resources. The policies, and revisions to them, are developed by staff and submitted to the appropriate Section and Council for approval.

Joining a Committee 

The Town of Penetanguishene relies on its citizens to volunteer their time and expertise by serving on various boards and committees. If you are interested in applying to be a part of a committee, please fill out the application form below, and submit it to the Municipal Clerk. 

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