Roads and Infrastructure

Roads and Sewer After Hours Line

In the event of a Roads & Sewer Emergency, that is occurring outside of normal working hours, please call 705-527-8210.

The Town of Penetanguishene maintains roads and key infrastructure to ensure convenience and safety for our residents and visitors. Learn more about the current state of these roads, programs, and season changes below. 

Roads and Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure for the Town of Penetanguishene includes all Town-owned roads and sewers. The Town of Penetanguishene Public Works Department provides technical services for all new construction and reconstruction and is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of all existing infrastructure.

Long Range Planning

Roads and other Town-owned infrastructure are evaluated to determine the condition and recommended repair, rehabilitation, and/or reconstruction strategies. Long range planning involves coordinating and scheduling the work programs for various asset categories within the Town's 10-year capital forecast, based on project priorities and funding availability. Major projects, requiring a Schedule C Class environmental assessment prior to design and construction, may take several years to complete and must be scheduled accordingly.

  • In-person at the By-law Division at Townhall, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • By telephone at 705-549-7453, ext. 220
  • Please click the "Submit a Complaint" button on this page to report non-urgent violations.

Complaints are required in writing to alleviate frivolous complaints where one neighbor is feuding with another. We require a signature to protect the Town from being accused of discriminating against a citizen. Personal information including the complainant’s name is kept confidential, however, if the matter goes to court, the complainant could be called to testify and give evidence to substantiate the Town’s position.

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