Development Charges and Building Fees

Development Charges

Development charges are fees collected from developers at the time a building permit to help pay for the cost of infrastructure required to provide municipal services to new development, such as roads, transit, water and sewer infrastructure, community centres and fire and police facilities.

Note: This information is intended only as a guide to the Towns policy with respect to development charges. Interested parties should review the applicable development charge by-law and consult with the Towns Building Department to determine charges that may apply for specific land development proposals.

Building Fees

Building Services is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of the Ontario Building Code. Through the building permit application and inspection process, Building Services ensures that all building projects meet the minimum standards as set out in the Ontario Building Code as well as any applicable by-law of the Town of Penetanguishene and other applicable regulating bodies.

Please feel free to contact Building Services with any questions you may have.  We are here to help you through the building process.

Additional Details

Development charges are fees imposed on land development and redevelopment projects to help pay for the capital costs of infrastructure that is needed to service new development.

You may be required to pay development charges for land development or redevelopment projects, if you are:

  • Constructing a new building
  • Making an addition or alteration to an existing building that increases the number of residential units or the non-residential gross floor area
  • Redeveloping a property or making interior alterations that result in a change of use to all or part of a building
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