Building and Support Services

Building Code

The role of the Building Department is to advise Council, the general public and the development industry on matters falling under the Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code . The Chief Building Official (CBO) and Building Inspector are provided with the authority to carry out the administrative and enforcement functions under the Building Code Act and Ontario Building Code.  

Building Department Mandate

The mandate of the Building Department is to ensure public safety and the well-being of the citizens of Penetanguishene. The Town is committed to the ongoing improvement of our services to the public.   Building Department staff work closely with other regulatory staff and bodies such as Fire Prevention, Health Unit, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Labour, and the Electrical Safety Authority to ensure that all applicable regulations are adhered to.

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Available Land and Buildings

Everything you need to know about land in Penetanguishene. 

Investment Profile

Everything you need to know about the Penetanguishene Investment Profile. 

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