Property Standards

The Town of Penetanguishene prescribes standards for the maintenance and occupancy of properties as outlined within the Town’s Property Standards By-law.

All property owners are required to repair and maintain their property according to these standards, including owners of rental residential properties - unless there is an agreement between the property owner and a lessee or occupant that assigns maintenance and repair responsibility to the lessee or occupant.

Examples of the standards contained in the by-law include but are not limited to:

  • All structures are required to be structurally sound and all exterior walls, roofs and foundations are required to be free of water leaks and painted or otherwise treated or waterproofed.
  • The interior of all buildings must have an adequate level of lighting.  
  • All heating, plumbing and mechanical systems and elevating devices must be maintained and operational in good working order.
  • Residential occupancies must comply with minimum requirements regarding potable water and heating and lighting systems.
  • To report a property standards violation, a complaint must be received in written form only and signed by the individual lodging the complaint.

Property Standards Violations

When a complaint is received, a property-standards officer will investigate to determine if a violation exists. If a violation is found, the officer can issue a property standards order, advising the owner of the violation and requiring that it be remedied within a specified time period.

Owners are advised that any work required pursuant to an order issued under the Property Standards By-law is subject to the Building Code Act and may require a permit be issued thereunder. Owners should consult with the Building Department prior to commencing any repair or remedial work.

Any owner has the right to appeal to the Property Standards Committee if they are not satisfied with the terms of the order. The committees can either:

  • Uphold the order
  • Rescind the order
  • Modify the length of time the owner has to comply

If an owner fails to comply with an order, the municipality may cause the required work to be done at the cost of the person. The cost of such work may be recovered by action or by adding the costs the tax roll and collecting then in the same manner as property taxes.

In addition, any owner who fails to comply with an order that is final and binding under this By-law is guilty of an offense under Section 35(1) of the Building Code Act, S.O. 1992, c.23 and is liable to a penalty as set out in Section 36 of that Act.

Development Charges and Building Fees

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